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My Personal Dolphin Healing

Posted by intuitivelori on June 15, 2011 at 4:30 AM

Dolphin Healing

My awesome marvelous husband took me out on our boat dolphin watching a couple of years ago. We found a pod off to the side of Destin’s East Pass. I was thrilled to say the least! I wanted to do something for these precious beings; and being a Reiki II Practioner I decided to give the dolphins Reiki. I went to the side of the boat, leaned over, stuck my hands in the water and proceeded to send Reiki to the dolphins.

At that moment when I felt the Reiki flowing from my hands, the dolphin looked me straight in the eyes, and we connected. She lovingly accepted the Reiki, but she was not done with me! She held eye contact with me; and sent dolphin healing energy back! I felt the energy absorb through my hands, it tingled immensely as it moved up my arms, across my shoulders and down into my chest; when the energy hit my heart chakra, I felt a crack!

Spiritually, I was continually working to heal and unblock my heart chakra; but this beautiful being had just the right healing frequency to crack my heart chakra open! When it occurred, all of this emotion came pouring out, I was unable to stop it; every emotion a person can have, multiplied by several lifetimes all came out at once, along with the most beautiful emotion of all, love. I could do nothing but grab my beach towel and let the tears flow, however, I was compelled at that very moment to tell my husband thank you for bringing me here, this is the best day of my life; all while crying, sobbing uncontrollably, and unable to catch a full breath.

Bless him, my husband looked at me with a confused look and said “I’m glad you’re enjoying it?” I replied that I was enjoying it and thanked him over and over again. At that moment in time, I received the most precious of gifts, unconditional love from not one being but two of them!

I am love, I am loved. I am blessed.

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