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Power Animal

Posted by intuitivelori on June 25, 2011 at 10:10 AM

Power Animal

Many years ago I was researching my genealogy and found my proof of Creek lineage.  I wanted to know their ways, their beliefs, so I started researching Native American tribes.

I found that even though they can be similar, they do differ from tribe to tribe, even within the same nation.

While researching I came across the concept of power animals and animal guides, I was hooked, a bell was loudly ringing inside of me, my ringing of truth.

I found that even though they differ they all believe to some degree that we are the animals' brothers and sisters, and in fact we are animal too.  What resonated the most for me was that we have an animal within us, and up to seven to nine animal guides who help us at different times in our current lifetime.

Our power animal is who we are.  We have the same or very similar behaviors, traits and/or commonalities as one particular animal.  So HOW do you know what  your power animal is?

I love horses. I believe it was my second word, and I asked for a horse every chance I got, never to get one.  My Granddaddy stopped a neighbor riding his horse down the dirt road in front of his home and asked him if he would mind giving me a ride.  My granddaddy added to make sure it was a good one and winked at the neighbor as he told him thank you.

I wasted no time! I was ready! We took off, wind was blowing through the horses mane, and through my long hair as well, it felt great!  We were going seriously fast; my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest!  I was a little bit scared, I only had the horn of the saddle to hold on to and nothing to put my feet on, but I leaned forward a little bit and held wrapped my arms around the horses neck, I could feel every muscle being used in his legs and neck, I could feel his heartbeat. The fear was gone. It felt like I was the one running, and every breath was in sync with the animal's, at that moment if felt like the horse and I were one and the same.

Needless to say, the ride didn't produce the result my grand daddy was looking for!

You will be stirred emotionally by the animal doing what it does naturally. You may find that you have posters, pictures, or statues of the animal, but you will not own your power animal.  This would be dishonoring you and the animal.  Study the behavior of the one animal that you feel a "special" kinship with, study their eating habits, habitat, and mannerisms, you will see yourself in these things, if the animal is your power animal.

Your animal guides are animals that are on the spiritual plane, which have chosen to help you learn their "medicine", or their power.  For an example, say you are a very passive person who needs to stand up for yourself, but you find that just isn't you because your power animal may be deer or rabbit, you may find that bear, lion, or tiger come to you to as a guide to teach you to be fearless, courageous, and powerful.  Another example would be if you are impulsive, and tend to explode with anger when cornered,  much like a badger power animal, you may find deer, sea turtle, and dove comes to you to teach you patience, gentleness, and peace.

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