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Your truth, you are entitled to it!

Posted by intuitivelori on March 20, 2010 at 7:29 PM

As we each walk along our spiritual journey, seeking our path, and our life's purpose, our belief systems will change.  There is no cause for alarm or panic, there is order to the seemingly chaos.  In order to find your personal truth, your belief systems need to be challenged in order to discover if they are truly yours, or what you have been taught or told by others.

The way in which our belief systems are "broken down" are through our own, individual experiences.  You may find yourself being presented with things you never believed in before, never thought you would, and it may shock you because it is not through your "mind" that you are forced to reconsider your viewpoint, but through your experiences.

We then take on the process of building a new foundation, one that is uniquely our own. We are entitled to find out what is true for us, no one should put us down for what we believe, however there will be people who  are on different levels of their soul's growth and those who have not fully "awakened", or begun their very personal journey.


Have compassion for others and try and overlook the comments and actions of the ones who are not compassionate of your personal truths. To these people, I always send love and light.

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