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Believe it or Not, everything is as it's supposed to be.

Posted by intuitivelori on May 7, 2010 at 3:48 AM

The recent concern over the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has prompted me to share my truth with you. Yes, it is a tragedy. Yes, sea life from turtles, birds, fish, on down to the shrimp and oysters and plankton will be affected. There has already been loss of life and will continue to be losses, and yes our beautiful waters will be affected for many, many years to come, but believe it or not, things are as they are supposed to be.


 I am seeing people who are so worried or "tuned" into the oil spill that they themselves are being affected physically. I repeat, things are as they are supposed to be. In every aspect of life there are lessons to be learned, this oil spill is yet another chance for us humans to learn many lessons. One such lesson is to find better, greener, easily obtainable, renewable energy resources that are kinder and gentler to our Earth Mother and our animal brother and sisters. Another lesson here for humans has to do with not being greedy and taking our Earth Mother and our animal brothers and sisters for granted, to respect where we live and those who also inhabit it.


 My beliefs lend me to those animals who do perish in this tragic situation has chosen to do so. Our animal ambassadors where here to teach us what happens when we loose sight of what truly matters. Now, I am not saying not to be concerned, or not to pray, far from it, only that these animals are teaching us many valuable lessons.


Try holding in your mind that the oil spill gets stopped and cleaned up, animals are healed and all is well. Positiveness goes a long way, and works wonders for manifesting. Try "seeing" the spill cleaned up, as if it never happened. Focusing on the "bad" or ugly side of this disaster will only give the negative more energy than we want it to have. There are things you can do to help out, you could volunteer to help with the clean up, either physically or by donations to the appropriate organizations. One thing we can all do is to pray often, making sure that you thank your "Creator" for the healing of Mother Earth and our animal family.

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