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Buddah on my dashboard........

Posted by intuitivelori on June 25, 2010 at 2:25 AM

I have a little buddah on my dashboard. He is there to remind me to smile, have joy in all things, and love and respect myself along with  everyone else. Yes, there are times when I need reminding of these things...after all I am human with emotions too! Not to mention I have to travel Highway 98 on a regular basis, enough said.

So whenever I get stressed over traffic, tourist, and quite frankly, motorists that need to go to driving school in my opinion, I look down at my little buddah on my dashboard and he's there smiling back at me.  Nothing gets to him, EVER!

It's very hard to remain in negativity when someone is smiling at you!  I think everyone should have a little smiling buddah on their dashboard, this world would be a much nicer place!

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