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There are signs everywhere, are you paying attention?

Posted by intuitivelori on July 9, 2010 at 11:38 AM

Just as there are road signs to help you safely navagate your route from one place to another, spirit gives us signs to safely navagate through our current life. These signs are everywhere, are you paying attention, or are you too caught up in the mundane world to catch them?

(Original photo, has not been altered in any way other than re-sizing.)

Our spirit guides, angels and even loved ones who have crossed over will send us signs. These signs are to let us know we are on or off track, that we are loved, that we are not alone, answer our questions, and some also to "lead" us where we are meant to be so that we can do what we were meant to do.

How open are you to signs? Signs are everywhere! Ever catch yourself thinking of a loved one who's passed on and then hear their favorite song on the radio? Or how about when your Dad was alive, he collected pennies, and everywhere you go, you see pennies on the ground as soon as you open your car door? Ever asked a personal question and turned on the radio or television to have the answer right there in your face?

Once you notice your sign, give gratitude for it, once spirit knows you are paying attention, I guarantee there will be more! Speaking of gratitude, Thanks Dad! I was told he would send me a bird on my way home from his grave yesterday, and I thought, "I only pay attention to hawks and/or falcons", but a peacock on the side of the interstate will get anyone's attention! Don't be surprised if your sign has humor attached, for twenty miles down the road a falcon flew across the road in front of me!

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