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My Awesome Horse Adventure

Posted by intuitivelori on June 15, 2011 at 2:30 AM

My Awesome Horse Adventure.

I have always been fond of animals, in fact, growing up; they were my friends, playmates and yes, family. Anyone who personally knows me knows I love horses; in fact, my power animal is the horse. (I'll blog about power animals at a later time.)

My wonderful, marvelous husband took me to his friend's house to see his horses. This was way out in the middle of nowhere, Milton, Florida. My husband, turned too early and basically ended up coming the back way, instead of the way he was used to. I connected instantly with a black and white paint horse I saw in a nearby field. I got excited when he turned onto the road where I had seen the horse in the pasture, he slowed down, and my heart was racing as I announced "I want to go visit that horse, right there." I pointed at the big black and white paint horse.

We turned down the road and drove up to the house, right past the paint that was grazing in the pasture, giving no interest in our presence what so ever. I was introduced to my husband's friend's wife, Tracy, for the first time, and I told her of my love for horses, she then proceeded to show me around to meet all the horses. There in the first pasture was the BIG black and white paint, she introduced him as "Taz" and told me that he did not belong to them, he was their border horse. I watched as he grazed, which blades of grass he chose over all others, I bent down and picked the grass and held it for him to take, which he did!

Then Taz looked deep into my eyes as I ran my hands along his head and down his nose, time stood still, we connected. Psychically he told me welcome to the pasture; I instantly knew he saw me as my power animal and not as a mere human being. I looked at him and said, "I know what you want, you want to race me, don't you?", "I'll race you!" I started jogging away from him, towards another horse Tracy wanted to show me.

At first Taz was content to keep pace with me, then he noticed where I was headed and totally cut me off, putting his entire body in my way, I had no choice but to stop. My heart was pounding; Taz was content in his efforts to keep me from visiting with the other horse! I told him psychically that he could talk to me at anytime he wanted, he was ok and let me go, but followed me around, and had to be given a treat so he didn't try to go out the gate.

I told Taz farewell, and thanked him for the race. Tracy and her husband were shocked at everything that had occurred, it seems that Taz hadn't made a connection at all with either one of them, and was very much his owner's boy. I had tears in my eyes on the ride home and thanked my husband for what I thought was the best day of my life, as it turns out, it wasn't, it just felt like it at the time!

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