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Do animals have souls?

Posted by intuitivelori on October 30, 2009 at 3:25 AM

This subject has sparked much heated debates do animals have souls? Do all dogs go to heaven? My answer to this question is a quick and passionate YES!

Animals do have souls, how do I know? I talk to animals both alive and well, and in spirit, and just like us, when they cross over to the other side, they keep their personalities. Our animal companions quite frequently come back to visit us, not because they are scared, or lost without us, but because they love and care for us. Mostly because like in life, they are tired of waiting by the door to hear the sound of our footsteps!

Luckily for those of us who have had many animal companions throughout our lives, there isn't a leash law or licensing on the other side. When it is our time to depart this lifetime and return once more to the other side, who is it that will greet us? Yes, you got it, our faithful, loving and impatient animal companions will be the first ones we see. I have a few that I just know isn't going to wait for me to get through the light to the other side, I'll be mauled right there in the tunnel!

You have to love these little souls that come into our lives to teach us all the one thing that man kind has not yet gotten right. Unconditional love. They don't ever lose their love for us either, for those of you who believe in past lives as I do, this also includes other animal companions from past lives. The second battalion to greet you is the animal companions of past lives, this is because the soul will evolve, but still "smell" the same.

Our animal companions have their specific "jobs" that they do while on the other side. I have an animal companion who was in my life, but did not belong to me, he belonged to my now husband, then boyfriend, who comes back and helps my current animal friends to cross over. This is very comforting to me, actually helps me in a way deal with the grief of loosing such a loving, caring and giving soul, knowing that they weren't alone at any time during their transition.

My answer is yes, our animal companions have beautiful, pure souls, full of unconditional love and anxiously await our return home to show us just how much they love us.

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