What do numbers actually have to say about us?  After a lifetime of only sharing my personal story with a select few, I was blown away when I did my numerology! My life's story was there for all to see!  Since then, I have held Numerology in such high regard, and still find it absolutely fascinating!  There is more you can learn than what I offer here, I suggest a class or a book or two, or three about numerology!

I view the "Personal Chart" as a series of six different numbers. Three from your name, the other three from your birthday.

Also important to note, Use the name you go by. (Example)  Elizabeth Ann Hardy is your married name but when you reach out and shake hands with someone you introduce yourself as "Liz Hardy".  This is the current vibration of numbers you are working with. You might consider doing your numerology for all the different forms of your name you use, to see which number combination works best for you and start using that name all the time!



What numbers are in your chart?


The Soul Number, this number represents what you need in order for your soul to be happy. This is the way you feel inside. The soul number is the sum of all the vowels added together and then reduced down to one single number.

The Personality Number, this number represents what you show to the world, the mask you wear. The personality number is the sum of all the consonants added together and then reduced down to one single number.  IF you have a "Y" in your name, and it is next to a consonant on both sides, it is considered a VOWEL! If the "Y" is next to a vowel on either side, it is considered a CONSONANT! Example: The "Y" in Randy would be considered a vowel, while the "Y" in Ryan would be considered a consonant.

The Power Name Number, this number represents the "power" your name holds. The power name number is the sum of the soul number and personality number added together and then reduced down to one single number.

The Birthday Number, this number describes the way others see you. The birthday number is the sum of the day you were born reduced down to one single number.

The Life Path Number, this describes the path your life must take in order for you to be happy. The life path number is the sum of your entire birthday, Month, Day, and Year, added together and then reduced down to a single number.

The Attitude Number, Descibes your general attitude.  The attitude number is the sum of your month and day of your birth added together and then reduced down to a single number.



Life Path Calculation Example:

February 02, 1924

02 02 1924

0+2+0+2+1+9+2+4= 20 

2+0=2  Life Path #2


Pythagorean Number System






































What Do The Numbers Mean?


Every number has a vibration, you will feel this vibration more intensely if you have repetitive numbers in your chart.

It does matter where the number lies in your chart! In my opinion, the Life Path Number is the most important Number in a person's Chart, but all numbers will be felt, but you will feel some numbers  with more intensity than other ones.

Number 1

This number is Independent, driven to be the best at what they do, Competitive, forceful, motivated, leader, strong willed, courageous, active and most of the time, athletic. The flip side of the 1 is they must be careful not to step on the little guy on the way to the finish line.

Number 2

This number is patient, kind, works best with others, generous, peaceful, diplomatic, mediator. The flip side of the 2 is they need to learn when to say when, they can be taken advantage of because they don't want to "make waves", learn to please and take care of yourself and not to take on other's problems.


Number 3

The number 3 is creative, artistic, all of life is their stage, emotional, dramatic, enthusiastic, impulsive, optimistic. This number needs to find a creative self expressive outlet!  If the 3 is not expressing themselves creatively, they will draw drama to them! The number 3 also needs to learn to focus on the here and now and not be overly impulsive as this can get them into alot of trouble.


Number 4

Stable, practical, hard working, great at finishing projects, nose to the grindstone, respectable, manager, efficient and well organized, disciplined, focused, trustworthy, honest, straightforward. notoriously punctual. Slow and steady is the essence of the 4. The 4 needs to work on quickening their thought patterns and work on becoming more flexible and adaptable.


Number 5

Change, rebellious, movement, freedom, unconventional, life of the party,  investigative,  adventurious, curious, magnetic personality, sensual, and resourceful.  The 5 loves travel, adventure and seeks thrills, if the 5 is unable to travel conventionally, the 5 can escape by reading about far away places and going there in their minds. A 5 must avoid escaping by addictive behaviors, gambling, smoking, alcohol, drugs, sex and food. A 5 does not like to be told what to do or how to do it, they will rebell against opression.


Number 6

Nurturing, sympathetic, generous,  self-sacrificing, caring, and a good listener.  Dutiful, responsible, love of family, humanitarian, artistic, balanced, community service oriented. The 6 is the "mother" number, they mother absolutely everyone from animals, co-workers, family, and strangers. This number needs to nurture in some way, but has to be careful not to smuther!  I find that if you have a six in your chart, you will find yourself working with animals or children or you will have animals or children, the need to nurture is too great to deny for a six.


Number 7

Very spiritual seeking individual! Seen as a loner, this number must take time alone to "recharge" their batteries, others wear them out energetically. Intelligent, wise, quiet, metaphysical and occult mysteries, eccentric, intuitive, private, skeptical, reserved. Time spent alone out in nature revitalizes a 7.  All of the 7's relationships must be deep and meaningful.  This number needs to communicate more on a verbal level and needs to watch the tendency to withdrawl into themselves.


Number 8

Business minded, entrepreneur, strong willed, good at solving problems with conventional and unconventional means, anything and everything having to do with money, will not tolerate infidelity of any kind. Complete reversals of fortune are possible with an 8, balance is needed. An 8 will have the tendency to place business and money before friends and family. Work-a-holic could describe an 8 who has the drive to succeed in business at all costs.  An 8 will either horde money or spend it as fast as it comes.



Number 9

Spiritual, intuitive, humanitarian, wise, responsible, compassionate.  The 9 has the tendency to either feel totally responsible for their "first" family, or want nothing to do with them.  The 9 must learn that we are all responsible for our own actions, and to forgive past hurts.


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