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How Do I Cleanse The Energy Of My Home?

You can smudge using White Sage, Cedar Chips, and Sweetgrass.   White Sage and Cedar is for Cleansing, Sweetgrass brings the good energy to you.

Light the Dry Sage, Cedar, and Sweetgrass inside of a fireproof vessel, (Large Shells work great for this,  but you can use terra cotta) fan the smoke from the ingredients throughout your home, every nook and cranny.  You can leave a couple of windows open for your house to air out. 

I say a prayer that the smoke of the smudge to carry away any energy that is not of the highest and greatest good of all whom inhabit this home, before lighting the smudge and then give thanks to my Creator.


My favorite way to cleanse:  I am NOT  held responsible for any damages that might occur as a result of this method, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

You will need the following materials and enough time in the day to complete this process.  Safe for humans and animals except BIRDS.

(This usually takes me up to four hours to do, but the energy is great afterwards!)

Epson Salts                                          At least 70% Rubbing Alchol

Tin Pie Pans                                         Cutting Board or Brick

Bell or Windchime                                White Candle in a votive holder

Towel                                                    Long handled Lighter

You need one piepan for every room in your house.  Hallways, Bathrooms, and Garages are also considered rooms.

Figure out where to start in your house. the object is to finish in the room where you enter in your home the most. 

Light your white candle.

In every room, open all interrior doors, cabinets and drawers.

Wrap a towel around the cutting board or brick. 

Place the piepan on the towel, in the center of the room.  Away from Bed Spreads, linens, drapes/curtains or anything else that could catch fire!  You will be lighting a fire!

Add two cups of Epson Salts to the piepan. 

Say a prayer.  You may use this one, or make up your own.

Mother God, Father God, Creator, I asked to be protected throughout this process.  I ask that all energy that is not for the highest and greatest good for (me and my family)or (those who dwell here), be remove through this process. Thank You.

I call upon and envoke Archangel Michael to remove all negativity, negative energy, and any negative entities. I ask that he use his sword to remove them and their ties to this place.  (Commanding voice!!)   IT IS DONE, IT IS DONE, IT IS DONE!

Pour just enough alchol onto the epsom salts to throughly wet them, but not to drown them, and light it.  (If it doesn't light right off, say the prayer again and add a little more alchol and try again until it lights.)

Allow fire to completely go out before proceeding into the next room.

After all rooms are done, go to the room you started in and ring the bell (As if you are chasing out anything that may be left over) in the order you cleansed and out the door you use most often.

Be sure all piepans are cool before throwing away.

You space is now cleansed!

*Tip*   Just above the windows.I like to "Anoint"  with Frankincense oil in the sign of a cross, you can use any symbol you relate to being spiritual to you personally.  I also do this for any bathroom or kitchen fan or vent that pulls air  to the outside of the house, as well as any entry ways to the outside.   I do this in every room after the fire has gone out, and before moving to the next room.

How Often Do I Need To Cleanse My Space?

A good rule of thumb is to cleanse once a season. 

When you move into a new space, to cleanse it of anything the previous owners might have left behind.

When you move out, so that none of your "stuff" greets the new owners.

Whenever you "Feel" the energy in your space is not "right".  (Try smudging first, then if it's still not right, cleanse.)


How do I cleanse my Oracle/Tarot Cards?

I know of several different ways, you can choose which suits you the best.

1. Smudge them with White Sage and Cedar Chips, every single card, front and back and the pouch or container they came out of. Then place them back once your done and add a clear quartz, black tabetian quartz, black tourmaline, onyx or jet crystal in with them. (The crystal will need to be cleansed the next time you cleanse your cards as well.)

2. Light a white candle and very quickly pass the cards one by one, and on both sides of the cards over the candle's flame.

3. Find a pine tree and place the cards spread out on the ground at the base of the tree. Leave for three hours. (Keep your eye on the weather, not recommended on windy days!)

How Do I Cleanse My Crystals/Rocks?

Some Rocks/Crystals should not be cleansed in water because it causes the stone to dissolve!

Amber, bloodstone, goldstone, blue goldstone, pyrite and selenite should not be cleansed using salt or water! If you are not sure, consult someone with the knowledge of minerals. (Metaphysical Shop owners, jewelry designers, etc.)

1. Your quartz crystal you place in your Oracle/Tarot Cards can be cleansed/charged by placing in the sun for up to three hours, or leave outside all day. Bring the crystal in before the sun goes down.

2. Overnight in a glass or dish of water and sea salt.

3. Buried inside of a potted plant for seven days, or outside  in the ground, make sure to clearly mark where you buried your crystal!

4. Overnight in a glass or dish of Full Moon water.

5. Overnight in a glass or dish of Holy Water. 

6. Three hours at the base of a pine tree.


How Do I Make Full Moon Water?

To make full moon water, place a clear container filled with water and covered with saran wrap (I use Press n seal) outside during the night of the full moon for at least three hours, bring in the water before dawn!   Ask that the energy of the moon infuse the water in your container. Give thanks. You don't have to cover the container if you are not going to consume the water.


Can I Make My Own Holy Water?

Yes you can!  Fill a clear container that you covered with plastic wrap or press n seal, outside on a sunny day.  You have to think about this one just a little bit and plan to be home and near a clock.

1. Place your water outside at Noon, and say a prayer to your Creator, and ask that Father God infuse the water with the White Light of the Holy Spirit, and his powerful energy. Make a sign of the cross over the container of water.

2. Go back outside at 1:00pm and again say your prayer to Father God, making a sign of the cross over the container.

3. Go back outside at 2:00pm and again say your prayer to Father God, making a sign of the cross over the container.

4. You will want to bring in the water at 3pm. This is a Holy hour and it represents the Trinity. 

You now have homemade Holy water.




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