These affirmations are here for your personal use. Use them with my blessings and pass them along to others in need.

To change our current way of thinking to a more positive, productive way of thinking, it really does begin with our thoughts. Our thoughts create our reality, maybe you were told by others something negative repeatedly, and you eventually began to believe it.

First change your thoughts, this is where having these affirmations will help. Stick them EVERYWHERE! The bathroom mirror is a very good place, refigerator, inside drawers and inside cabinets, or even on the walls above the light switch!

Say these affirmations at least  15 times a day to start with.  I would suggest one affirmation at a time. What will happen is your subconcious will eventually remember them, then you will start to feel them, and at last then you can own them.  This does not happen over night, remember you are attempting to break a cycle you've been in for how long?

Try it. What have you got to loose?



Joy is within me. The joy within me radiates outward,

until there is joy everywhere I look!


The past is over, the present is now!


I release all doubts and fears.


I embrace the new with wide open arms!


Loving others is easy, when I love and accept myself.


My work is deeply fulfilling.


I embrace and except Change.


I have peace and harmony within myself and within all of

my relationships!


Abundance flows to me Now!


I am worthy of Love!


I let go of all expectations.


My home is a peaceful haven!


I honor and embrace my inner goddess!


I take time to let my inner child out to Play!


I am Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise.


I am intelligent. I absorb and recall information easily.


I release the illusion of control, and embrace Allowing.


I am never alone. My Creator, my angels, and my spirit

guides are always with me.


My income is constantly increasing.


All of my needs are met.


I easily give forgiveness, and openly accept forgiveness.


I am Enough.


I am divinely guided and supported in all areas of my life.


I allow others to be who they are, as I embrace who I AM.


I allow my higher self to guide me in all areas of my life.



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