Soul Retrieval Meditation

What is Soul Retrieval For?

Soul loss can come from trauma(s), however, not all traumas cause soul loss. Sometimes when soul loss occurrs from a trauma, a piece of the soul decides to split from the whole and "feel"or "take on the trauma." After the trauma is experienced the fragment then leaves this dimension, allowing  the soul to continue on without fully experiencing the pain. In ancient cultures, the shaman of the tribe would retrieve your lost soul fragments by going into a shamanic state, and using animal energies that have agreed to help him. Once he retrieved all the fragments, he would return them to the person by blowing the fragments into their chest.  This process is called Soul Retrieval.

While I know shamans still perform soul retrievals today, you are capable of retrieving your own soul fragments using guided soul retrieval meditation.  I have personally benefited from soul retrieval meditation; I now offer to guide others to restoring their soul fragments.

Who could benefit from Soul Retrieval Meditation?

Many people have a sense that something is missing from their life.  They hear or learn about soul retrieval and have an "Aha" moment, or just experience a "draw to it" or  a "pull to learn more about it."  For those who just aren't so sure, here is a list of possible symptoms of soul loss.

  • Feelings of depression
  • A feeling of being incomplete or not whole.
  • A feeling or sense that something is missing.
  • A feeling of helplessness or not having/losing control.
  • Feeling trapped by someone and/or a situation.
  • Inability to move past an issue even though you put forth an effort to do so.
  • Feeling that no matter what you do, or how hard you try, you still have a feeling of being "stuck."
  • Feeling disconnected. You don't really feel anything, or you feel numb inside.
  • Feeling like you cannot connect with people or things the way you once could.
  • Lost memories, like a part of your personal "story" is gone or missing.
  • Feeling like someone/something took a piece of you with them, your heart, your soul, or that you haven't been the same since they left or died.
  • Just feeling that soul retrieval might help you.


It isn't necessary for you to have an extreme symptom to indicate soul loss.

It is certainly true that some people have experienced benefits from soul retrieval meditation, even though they were not sure if they had any soul loss. If you feel this is something you might want to try, or seems interesting to you, piques your curiosity, then that is a good reason to join this Soul Retrieval Meditation!

The following benefits are possible with soul retrieval meditation, albeit there is no guarantee what will happen as every person's experience will be different!*

  • Some may find it easier to move forward with an issue that has been troubling them.
  • Some people may feel a sense of being whole or more fully present in their life.
  • Some may find it easier to make certain decisions or make certain changes.
  • Some may encounter that some personal issues they have struggled with such as hopelessness, confidence, anger, etc, may improve or go away all together after soul retrieval meditation.
  • Some may simply feel empowered. 

*It is also a possibility for the following challenges to be brought about with a soul retrieval meditation:

  • Some may experience feelings of sadness or depression because of the time that went by, missing this part of themselves.
  • Issues/Emotions that you have previously been unwilling to deal with can come to the surface.
  • Some people may find that they can no longer stay in a situation they have been living in/with, so much so, that they find they must make changes in their life.
  • Some may express feelings they previously did not wish to deal with, such as grief, or anger and it almost comes out on it's own.
  • Some people will begin a gradual healing process, and it may "seem" like nothing happened for them, but it will happen slowly.

 I believe this meditation to be very healing and beneficial to all, but you do need to be ready to heal the "hurt" once the soul retrieval meditation is over.  I will be available to you through e-mail and/or telephone to help support you anyway I can after the soul retrieval.

Soul Retrieval Meditation is not the replacement or substitute for any allopathic/tradional treatments or therapies.

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